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Woodbury County Pheasants Forever - Habitat Page

Woodbury County Pheasants Forever - Habitat Page

Local Habitat Efforts

Woodbury County Pheasants Forever's members are truly passionate about creating, preserving and restoring habitat that benefits pheasants, quail and other upland wildlife. This unique model empowers local chapters with the responsibility to determine how 100 percent of their locally-raised conservation funds will be spent.

Whether it's through improving habitat, informing the public about land management or educating future generations of hunting enthusiasts, conservation is the underlying principle in all we do at the grassroots level.

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Preserving our Natural Resources

Preserving our Natural Resources

Creating, restoring, and maintaining habitat is a constant battle. We invite you to join the Woodbury County Chapter of Pheasants Forever in its quest to ensure a country rich in natural resources and long on people willing to work to preserve them. After all, natural resources - pheasants, quail, and other wildlife, plus the land, air, and water on which they live - are our greatest resources.

Myth: If I work with the local PF chapter than all of its members can hunt on my property.
Fact: It's still your property and NO ONE should be hunting on your property without your permission

Myth: Pheasants Forever will charge me for creating habitat.
Fact: Our local chapter will work with landowners to help establish habitat. This may be in the form of free seed for food plots, trees and shrubs for windbreaks, or working with government agencies in the form of cost sharing to make the habitat a reality. We can help you design your habitat area or help you find an expert that will assist you in establishing your habitat needs.

Myth: Raising birds myself will help the local pheasant population.
Fact: With pen-raised birds, less than 5% will survive until the following Spring. 50% will be dead within 3 weeks after being released. There is also the fact that unless the pen raised birds are F1 generation birds you may be releasing birds that are genetically weaker than wild birds and these birds may carry diseases that are harmful to the local wild population.

Local Chapter Projects

Local Chapter Projects

Woodbury County Chapter of Pheasants Forever is committed to establishing and maintaining wildlife habitat here in Woodbury County. Our assistance in conjunction with the federal programs is to help the landowners develop and enhance all wildlife within our county.

The following are land purchases are 3 of the areas that Woodbury Co PF has completed since the chapter was founded 31 years ago. Go to our photo section for photos of all of the currently purchased land projects.


 Shagbark South, Correctionville, IA

Shagbark Hills South, Correctionville, IA

Shagbark Hills North, Correctionville, Ia

Shagbark Hills North, Correctionville, IA

Hammond Access Southwood park, Smithland, IA

Hammond Access Southwood park, Smithland, IA


Nesting Cover

Landowners that are working with the NRCS or Farm Service Department of the USDA. Our local chapter will cost share the price of the seed (CRP projects, filter strips, water ways) with the landowner up to $500.00 /project. Our local chapter may also cost share the drill rental for seeding the habitat areas. Drills may be rented through the local Woodbury County Conservation Board.

Example of the landowners and chapter
cost sharing: 10 acres
USDA cost share: 90%
Seed cost: $1,090.00
Landowner cost share: $109.00
Chapter will pay 50%: $54.00
Land owners Net cost: $54.00

USDA cost share 50%
Seed cost: $1,090.00
Landowner cost share: $545.00
Chapter will pay 50%: $272.50
Land owners Net cost:$272.50

Drill Rental @$10.00/acre: Chapter may choose to pick up the cost of the drill rental.

Chapter will also work with local landowners who are not participating in any USDA programs. This may be in the form of cost share of the native grass seed and drill or up to free seed depending on what amount or type of seed that the chapter has on hand.

Food Plots

Our local chapter has several different types of seed available for use as food plots for wildlife. These include: Corn, sorghum, and a variety of wildlife mixes. The following guidelines apply to all programs and equipment rentals.

1. Participant must presently be or willing to become a Woodbury County Pheasant Forever member. (Participation does not mean that members may hunt your property without permission. You still have control over your property.)
2. No haying, recreations, mowing or seed harvest will be permitted.
3. Sole purpose must be for maintaining wildlife habitat & natural resources conservation.
4. Landowners participating in leased hunting agreements are not eligible.
5. Programs will only be funded up to the budgeted amount.
6. Buffers must be a minimum of 50 feet wide.
7. Area is not to be disturbed from May 1 through August 1 unless maintenance is required.

Woody Cover

Our chapter will work with landowners to help develop windbreaks or tree plantings to enhance local wildlife.

Windbreaks must be a minimum of 4 rows in depth. Trees and shrubs may be purchased through our local chapter. A tree planter is available through the Woodbury County Conservation Board. Gas augers are also available for tree and shrub plantings.

Local Fire Department contact phone numbers for habitat burn information:
Lawton Fire Department: 800-352-4606
Bronson Fire Department: 712-948-3535
Moville Fire Department:712-873-3201
Oto Fire Department: 800-352-4606
Sloan Fire Department: 712-428-3333
Smithland Fire Department: 800-352-4606
Salix Fire Department: 712-946-5000
Danbury Fire Department: 712-893-5000
Hornick Fire Department: 712-352-4606
Correctionville Fire Department: 712-372-4791